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PROJECT: 25 days to Christmas

2009 is the year I started photography. It is also the same year I started a famous photography project called “project 365”. A project in which jumpstarted my love and knowledge for photography.

Fast forward to 2011, two years after I got hold of my first DSLR (canon 450 D), I am still in-love with the  field and still craving for some exercise to fuel my knowledge.

Aside from my on-going “15 minute stranger project” and my upcoming “Project: Man v Food” , I will be starting a new project for Christmas 2011 with my friends, Michael Zuniga, Mau Reen and Jayson Bustamante. This project will be called “25 days to Christmas”.

The idea here is to take one photo per day starting December 1 til December 25 and upload those photos online.

I will be adding a small additional rule for myself here, I will be taking all photos with my 50mm 1.4 lens, using the maximum 1.4 aperture, and I will also try to add some inspirational quotes along with the image.

I wish we can succeed with this project. And advance Merry Christmas to all.


full gallery here

3 Dec 2011