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about me

It’s truly an honor to write stuff about famous and powerful people and never in my life have I ever thought that I would have the honor to do so, literally for a person that goes by the title Famous Power…

Known to many as EPFI (coined from Famous Power spoken in Pinoy accent), Erick Espinosa, born and raised in Manila, Philippines (Yes, same Country as Manny Pacquiao) started his Passion in Photography back in 2008 (We will be taking much about Photography here and not Porn). At an early age he ventured for greener pasture in Porn (oops damn backspace doesn’t work). For some reason he ended up in the Middle East. He first held a Canon 450D, taking pictures of wonders that bring awe to whoever sees them. A full pledged Red Blooded shooter then had his hands on a 7D sometime later taking this machine to another level ever fueling his passion in photography, and gathering more smiles from viewers of all ages…

Erick’s photography does not need further introduction built up by cheesy words. His photographs can speak for themselves and speak loudly they all do…

I have known the Man thru the warm cradle of the Web Alliance of Radical Photographers (WARP, a group that does not need any introduction as the name tells the story itself). A true Radical Photographer, One of the Wild Boyz, a truly evolved Master deserving of the title, a Guru if you may say, a man who (though a decorated walking chick magnet) can sing the journey song Faithfully and not lie about it, an MVP in the sport of basketball in the making, and is a friend to everybody. A true photographer at heart, defining no limits and boundaries to take amazing photos for the pleasure we do not deserve. He can make you laugh in his posts and make you wanting to see the next daily dose post in Tumblr, a man of many colorful status quotes in facebook. (I can say more words to describe him and then this photography site won’t serve it purpose so I’d have to cut it to that.)

There is no wrapping up in this About me stuff for I believe though I have written 464 words to describe the Photographer as I know him in this universe (yeah, he might have a true porn star doppelganger in a parallel universe) to date, his yet unknown bright future has loads more to offer. Erick is walking, breathing, shooting, shutter trigger happy Photographer of great potential magnitude. We just have to settle on this now and let the Man tell his own story thru photographs, as we bystanders (blessed and lucky to be in the same timeline as he is) take pleasure in his photography.


John Romuald Ruiz

Shuttered Illusions

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  1. 05/3/2011

    Very well written from a renowned nudist photographer ^^

  2. 07/14/2011
    alte lizan gulapa

    huysssttt…di kita kinakaya…sosyal!!! pag kinasal ako sa church pwede bang ikaw ang magayus ng photo coverage and prenuptial wedding ko…hopefully by next year….

    • 07/14/2011
      Erick Espinosa

      sa pinas ba kasal? dahil kaibigan kita, wala ng bayad. promise.
      air fare 2-way is enough though 🙂

      p.s. i’ll be in UAE on the 1st Eid. Hope to seeyah 🙂

  3. 12/8/2011
    cris anthony bondoc

    ang galing ng mga kuha mo! first time i saw your pictures, idol na kagad kita. I also shoot pero mga 4 months pa lang…. and I am still learning. Chaka nga pala, nasa Qatar din ako. Hope to meet you one day kung nandito ka pa.

    • 12/8/2011
      Erick Espinosa

      wow. thanks sir.

      yeah, i am still in Qatar.
      You can meet me together with my Photogroup every Tuesday,
      CBTL – Al Mana Twin Towers – 8pm onwards 🙂

  4. 04/14/2012

    You are a virtuoso in photography. Continue to reap honors and praises.

    • 04/14/2012
      Erick Espinosa

      thanks julius

  5. 07/26/2012

    hey man,
    loved ur photos

    can i have your number ?
    I am also in Doha
    like photography
    My Mob no: 00974 55984714
    My Flickr :

    • 07/27/2012
      Erick Espinosa

      hi jidhu… nice photos you got there.

      you can contact on my flickr or on my facebook
      hope to hear from you soon


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