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Erick Espinosa

Doha, Qatar


Qatar Mobile: +974 66851498
Phil. Mobile: +63 921 6783733



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  1. 09/29/2011

    Hi I am Jaseem. I am very interested in photography and i am very new in Doha (Qatar).Can i join in your team to learn something new and different.Could you please advice me the aforementioned.You can check some photos of mine with the below link

    • 09/30/2011
      Erick Espinosa

      Hi Jaseem. How are you? My photo group is called WARP – Web Alliance of Radical Photographers. Usually we gather at around 8pm every tuesday for some chit chat and informal tutorials. If you want to join us, tomorrow (Oct 1) is the best time since we are participating in the World Wide Photowalk. You can come at Museum of Islamic Arts at around 3pm, and look for Photographers wearing WARP shirt, you can easily find them since the attendees will be more or less 200 members. I won’t be there, but you can look for Jayson Bustamante or Juliano Vincenso and tell them that I gave their names.

  2. 04/24/2012

    hi! 🙂 ur photos are great! 🙂 good editing too.. may i know the lens that u r using? 🙂 My husband to be is also very interested in photography. If you happen to be here in Singapore, feel free to contact us for some photo shooting and informal tutorials 😀

    • 04/25/2012
      Erick Espinosa

      hullo gem.
      thanks a lot.
      basically im using 24-70 f2.8, 50mm 1.4, and 11-16 f2.8; also tried 85mm 1.2 which is superb for portraits.
      What does your husband specializes in photography?

      I wanted to singapore. I’m planning this June, but i don’t think i squeeze it out with my manila vacation.

  3. 04/25/2012

    hi Erick,
    first im so glad that we have people in qatar are really amazing like that, i really love it ! I’ve seen some of the works and the photos its all AMAZING mshallah, i used to be in england and just back to qatar, i was so negative about to continue the photographer things in qatar as in england i used to be with groups and keep meeting people.
    anyway, really good luck and keep it up always, i really would love to join and meet guys to talk and lean things from each other and having fun, and sharing the knowledge


    • 04/25/2012
      Erick Espinosa

      Hey khalid. nice talking to you earlier.
      Hope to meet you soon. Let’s keep clicking here in Doha 🙂

  4. 07/17/2012
    Nika madrid

    Hi this is nika madrid, i saw ur photoshoot of me,me i know ur facebook account?;) thank you

    • 07/17/2012
      Erick Espinosa

      hi nika, how’s everything?
      this is my FB Account

      and thanks for being accommodating last shoot

  5. 06/23/2015
    Gourab Mitra

    I was rather curious about the shutter life of canon 70D. Is it something to be concerned about ?

    Because I am new to photography I might just end up randomly shooting pictures, should I be worried about the shutter life ?
    What is the average life time ? Say I use it on a daily basis to shoot random pictures, is that even good or should I be careful about the shots I take ?
    will i purchase 70d or any low prise dslr? help me to decide

    • 06/23/2015
      Erick Espinosa

      70D is already a good choice.

      Shutter life of your 70D is rated at 100,000
      let’s say you are shooting everyday at 50shots per day (which is too much already for random pictures)
      It will take almost 6 years for you SHOOTING EVERYDAY at 50shots per day to finish the shutter life of your camera.

      So i suggest, don’t think about shutter count, shoot as long as you like, as many as you like.


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