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the 15 MINUTE STRANGER project

I am the kind of person who, despite having good looks, doesn’t have good social skills to match. Well, I was lying about the “good looks” part but I’m dead serious about my lack of social skills. I successfully finished my first photography project, the “Project 365”  last 2009 where you are tasked to take “one photo, one day” for a whole year. Now, I am eager to start a new one.

I come across a photography project named “100 strangers” where you need to approach 100 strangers, get to know them, then take a photograph  portraiture of them. Shooting strangers is fine with me as Photojournalism is something I’m really interested about, but asking information and talking to them is a big difficulty for me. But I believe it’s worth giving it a go.

As I don’t have my own car here in Doha, Carlift and Taxis are my mode of transportation. The idea for “15 Minute Stranger” is get to know the driver of the car, learn something about them, their age, how is their life in Doha, and everything that will get them socially comfortable with me. Then asked them if I can take a portraiture of them. This is the radical way of learning by doing.

I don’t know if i can do justice on this project but I will try my best to learn from it. To get my photography skills and social skills at par with my good looks. Oh well, I am kidding again.

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21 Aug 2011