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Love Without Limits

Love has no limitations. It cannot be measured. It has no boundaries. Although many have tried, love is indefinable. – Steve Maraboli


I believe that love is a powerful energy, a force of nature that transcends beyond distance, gender, culture and nationality. We cannot demand nor command love. One can initiate love through friendship and courtship, but the course of love is undisputable. How love expresses itself between two human beings is beyond our control. Differences in religion, skin color, language and social status can put a strain in a relationship, making anyone doubt its longevity. Not to mention the deeply embedded negative attitude of society towards some of these differences. But remember that love is bigger than what we are. You cannot put it in a box – delimit its full potential – without risking total destruction of its very essence.


Accepting love from another race or culture doesn’t mean presenting the same image as the other person. It does not mean changing your own values and outlook; it only demands understanding and appreciation of the beauty that can only be seen in diversity. Those who already find that rare connection with another person know that love chooses no particular time or place. You can fall in love with someone with opposing set of beliefs, a person you initially thought is impossible to love, someone you may not be attracted to at first.


But love is persistent. Love exists even when you are afraid, even when you fear that it may not last; so much so that when you already have it, you strive to keep it. In a world of uncertainties, of harsh judgments, of things that are doomed to fail, we continue loving. You may have a lot to lose, but love is always worth the effort.


Love is Without Limits


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2 Apr 2014

Body Scapes

Throughout the years, the human figure has been envisioned and represented in every medium imaginable. Much has been explored in different forms of art, especially in photography. Nudity is where most photographers would like to delve into, and it doesn’t come as a surprise for there is no limit to the beauty found in the human body. The owner of the body may get old, the human figure, as a subject, doesn’t.

They say that if we want to prove the existence of God, look at nature and witness the innumerable beauty of his creations. That same idea inspired me to try nude photography. One can search for beauty anywhere, but I need not go very far; I choose to seek beauty in the many facets of the human figure. That though there may be a thin line separating art and pornography, I want my images to go far beyond an interpretation of another graceful figure. Nudity is not something to be ashamed of, but it is not something to be exploited either.

I will try to move away from the stereotypical view that nudity can only mean sexuality. By using photography as a medium, there can be no shortage of imagination and vision. I want my photographs to be sensual, not sexual; to allure and not to titillate. Ultimately, I want them to exude surrealistic emotional response, of uncertainty and mystery. Let it baffle and intrigue. Let it evoke human imagination, so that what they look like will be more powerful than what they are. I want something that can challenge and startle the viewer’s eyes while allowing it to embrace the unfamiliar and ambiguous. Let this be a personal affair, a visual relationship between the subject and the viewers.

I know I’m a far cry from being an expert. I’m not here to give you pointers or discuss the benchmarks on how to consider a nude shot as a fine art because I have a lot more to learn myself, and a long way to go. But I believe—you’ll know it when you see it. This is my first take on bodyscapes. Let it be my tribute to the enduring beauty of the human form.


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14 Nov 2011