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Love Without Limits

Love has no limitations. It cannot be measured. It has no boundaries. Although many have tried, love is indefinable. – Steve Maraboli


I believe that love is a powerful energy, a force of nature that transcends beyond distance, gender, culture and nationality. We cannot demand nor command love. One can initiate love through friendship and courtship, but the course of love is undisputable. How love expresses itself between two human beings is beyond our control. Differences in religion, skin color, language and social status can put a strain in a relationship, making anyone doubt its longevity. Not to mention the deeply embedded negative attitude of society towards some of these differences. But remember that love is bigger than what we are. You cannot put it in a box – delimit its full potential – without risking total destruction of its very essence.


Accepting love from another race or culture doesn’t mean presenting the same image as the other person. It does not mean changing your own values and outlook; it only demands understanding and appreciation of the beauty that can only be seen in diversity. Those who already find that rare connection with another person know that love chooses no particular time or place. You can fall in love with someone with opposing set of beliefs, a person you initially thought is impossible to love, someone you may not be attracted to at first.


But love is persistent. Love exists even when you are afraid, even when you fear that it may not last; so much so that when you already have it, you strive to keep it. In a world of uncertainties, of harsh judgments, of things that are doomed to fail, we continue loving. You may have a lot to lose, but love is always worth the effort.


Love is Without Limits


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2 Apr 2014


So last friday, I did a test shoot (photowalk) using my Leica M9. It was my first time to use a rangefinder, a first time to use manual focusing, a first time to use an M.

It was difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s definitely worth it.

The images captured using M9 (even at F1.2) can also be achieved with most SLRs. The ISO was good, but not that great considering its worth. The LCD, compared to high end DSLR, left a lot to be desired . The aperture priority was such a tricky thing to control.

But what makes it more enjoyable than the common SLR is the way you use it. How you get back in control of everything. How fast can you make a shot (since it’s not auto-focusing). And how it seems like no one is noticing you taking pictures of them. I may sound like Kai (Wong), but trading my SLR for an M9 was a fucking good choice.

A car can get you from one point to another. But if you have a choice between a Peugeot and a Ferrari, don’t tell me that you won’t take the prancing horse.




4 May 2013