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The Pearl Photo Shoot with Tonie

It has been two years since I did a decent photoshoot with Tonie. The schedule, the theme and the fact that this girl is so damn busy are the factors to blame. But then finally, last Thursday, I did get to shoot her.

There is really no definitive theme actually as we ended up doing a fun shoot. The pearl is just an accessory we highlighted. I did three types of shoot on my set. One high key, on a black background and another with a red backlight. And I can say all are superb. 

We met Tonie at around 7pm just outside her accommodation and proceeded¬†to a fashion store to buy the dress needed for the shoot. It feels awkward helping a girl looking for a dress when the lingerie section is just beside us and me surrounded by Arab ladies. After that, we went to Sir Ed’s crib to proceed with the shoot.

The pizza arrived before the shoot proper plus the pancit and lumpiang shanghai prepared by Mam Lorie makes us eat first before snapping our cameras. Unfortunately or fortunately, Tonie didn’t join us since she doesn’t want any bulging tummy during the shoot. But as for us photographers, we having a big tummy doesn’t matter.

The full shoot lasted til midnight. And with an awesome canon photographers with me plus an equally stunning model, I can say that the shoot is a wonderful one.

View the Full Photo Set

Here is the BTS (behind the scene) video of our photoshoot.

P.S. ; After the shoot, we (jace, tikboy, julian, me) decided to unwind and relax at Starbucks. Thanks to Juliano for the treat. We left past 2am with smiles because of our shots and a prospective model we just met.

1 Jul 2011