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113th Phil Independence Day

113th Independence day. 113 years that the Philippines is considered free and independent. We have progressed since. We might not have the privilege of being under a “better” US government or Spanish government but we are free. We are liberated. 

Freedom, for me, is more important than privileges. It is more important that you can do anything you want, anywhere you want. And not being asked to do something out of your liking.

WARP celebrates the 113th Philippine Independence Day together with the common crowd. Shooting at their liking and enjoying every moment of the event. With camera at their helm they captured the event the way they wanted to. Snapshots of people,  taking Group Shots anywhere (I mean literally) and roaming around the event shooting everything like predators eager for a kill.

teAM Creations takes over booth no. 17 with BnB and Simply Pinoy Mag. Angel rocks the runway at the Gala Night. Econ and the rest of Areacode974 rocks the stage as well as Lyka leading the vocals together with her Eccentric Band.  Phoya and Gorgatz WARP members show their wares at the Transhow. ProudNoypi banners their personalized shirts at the event. WARP is just everywhere. You may not see all of  them wearing an official badge photographer around their neck but you will see the radical trademark all around.

People tends to get attracted to what is popular. To things that will bring them recognition and gratitude. We may not be as rich as other Spanish or American colony but we are free and liberated. We can do things “more”, we can do things we “like”. We may not be registered but we are recognized.

Kudos WARP. Keep being radical. Happy Independence day.



11 Jun 2011